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                        Page-By-Page Information Found in Technical Specifications

All tech specs are tailored to fit the product and your documentation requirements. 
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Headings include:
· Line or Company's Name
· Style Number                                                                Front and Back Views
 Description                                                                    Seam lines, topstitching, and all design details are illustrated.
· Date
· Sizes Available                                                               Quantity of each trim per size.

All trims used in the
  construction of your                                                          Trim location on product.                          

  product are listed                                                                                        
  (buttons, labels, tapes,                                                                                        
   zippers, snaps, etc.).                                                  Color Combinations
                                        All fabrics are identified.  

Garment Construction Based From ASTM Standard Practice for Stitches and Seams

                                                                                       A picture tells it all.                                                       
Illustrated information                                                        Construction illustrations can be
  on location and how
                                                            several pages, depending on the product.
  labels should be attached. 
Illustrations identify                                                                                        
  seams used in construction.

                                                                                         All seams are ASTM D6193-97
 Illustrations are easy to                                                        Standard Practice for Seams and Stitches.
  understand no matter.                                                                                      
   the language.



Back views are
  included in technical
  specifications                                                                   Fabrics are identified on the illustrations also.




Listed operation steps are
  important for time study                                                     Seam Allowances
  cost evaluation and as                                                   
  a guide for sample makers.                                                ASTM Seam and Stitch Destinations

Construction Operation List

                                                                                         Thread Color                                                 

                                                                                         Stitch Length
Construction operations                                                                                    
  with numbered steps                                                


Finished product
  measurements for all sizes                                                 Measurements are listed in           
  are required information                                                        U.S. Customary or Metric—your choice. 
  for quality control.

Measurement Locations                                                                                                                      
  are identified by number                                                      Front and back illustrations indicate
  both on list and illustrations.                                                  where to measure for consistency.


Finished Garment Measurements



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